5 ways to make art and feel better...

...because let's be honest jogging isn't for everyone!

So you want to start with art this year? You've heard me and probably tons of other people go on and on about all the benefits of being creative and you've finally decided to give it a go.

Welcome, I'm so glad you're here.

It's more important than ever that we look after our mental health and this quick blog will give you 5 ways to get started. When deciding to make more art I suggest building a wider creative structure around yourself to cultivate an art focused life.

I'll show you how, here we go, notepads at the ready!

1. Absorb it

This was a really helpful starting point for me. I started researching artists in my teenage years and reading as much as I could about them. This was before the dawn of instagram, I actually remember waiting a lifetime for images to load online and sitting on the floor of my school library browsing books - I know IN REAL LIFE can you believe it!

If you don't know where to start, check out my collage inspiration and favourite artists pintrest boards and follow instagram accounts of local artists. Checking out the big names in art is always fun, but supporting local artists is a great way to support your local artistic community,

2. Make it

It may sound obvious, but so many people seem to wait for the right time to start making art. People (myself included at times) focus so heavily on the circumstances surrounding them being perfect that they delay the process and avoid getting started. I think the best way through any creative block or perfectionism tendencies is to power through, and just make something, anything! It's like when you're making pancakes the first one can be a bit wobbly but it usually still tastes good and it gets the process started, leading to many more fabulous pancakes! Make that first piece, scribble that first scribble and allow the rest to unfold.

3. Share it

Share you magic! Of course it is a personal choice whether you want to share your artwork online but at the very least find a friend or family member that will look at your work. Other people's responses to your creations can offer immense insight from another perspective and even give you new ideas for what to make next. Also, there is a powerful feeling that comes from having someone witness your creativity, it's being seen in a way that warms you from the inside out trust me, it's incredible.

4. Ask about it

One of my favourite things about creativity is the community you can be a part of! Be proactive about connecting with other artists, I often comment on other collage artists instagram posts and ask questions about their creations. This has led to some collaborations, some artwork exchanges and even people coming to my workshops. In turn I have attended others events and even bought work. Sow seeds of curiosity and positivity without agenda and see it return to you and watch friendships form.

5. Keep it

Please try and keep as much as you can! Obviously we all have limits on our storage, but artworks hold a piece of our story, from a moment in time, each piece has value. You may also find you wish to return to an older artwork at a later date, I often re-collage old drawings and I love the deeper meaning of reusing my own images, so powerful. Sketchbooks are a great way of storing lots of artworks in a more storage friendly manner.

This list is not exhaustive, but it covers some good ground to get you into creativity without all the pressure being on you to make art everyday. Like any good hobby or passion it's much better coming from every angle. Get yourself into a creative community, this year through all the uncertainty my artist friendships have been a huge support.

And finally, look after you mind, make some art and have some fun! Please feel free to email me any creations, those are the best kind of emails to get -

Love always, Catherine

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