Hi I'm Catherine, a Collage Artist, an Art Therapist and I help people and organisations create!

I founded Cut Out Collage to progress arts for health with workshops, art programs and to open up the conversation about the importance and value of Art Therapy.

Making art on a regular basis can have an extremely positive impact on your mental health.

Being creative can provide a sense of calm, help you process difficult emotions and challenge limiting thought processes by revealing new ways of thinking.

Basically art is awesome and collage is a great way to get started!

Find out more about Cut Out Collage services below and get in touch today!



Want to run online or in-person creative workshops but don't know how? Considering hosting an arts-based wellbeing event but not sure how to design or facilitate one?

I'm here to help and can offer both design and hosting services to suit your creative workshop project.


Get in touch for consultations and collaborations!

Also, if you're local, or visiting, join Liverpool Collage Club to be part of a growing creative community!

A R T  P R O G R A M S

I design bespoke creative programs & projects for groups and individuals tailored to the needs of your service users and organisation.

As an Artist and Art Therapist I can design unique, empowering and fun art activities for your clients that they will benefit from and enjoy -  freeing you up for all your responsibilities outside of activities provision!

Increase the creative and therapeutic capacity of your organisation's art services! See examples of previous projects below.


Are your staff teams experiencing burnout? This may be in response to the Covid-19 pandemic or other work related stressors.

I have additional training with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists) to deliver art therapy-based group sessions to support staff teams in reflection, creating a safe thinking space to work through challenges and find solutions.

Creating safe reflection and thinking spaces are hard to achieve in house, working with a trained external practitioner often yields greater effectiveness and outcomes for staff.




What people say about: workshops

"Your workshop really opened up a new world to create something new. It is down to your friendly, comedic & approachable way and your knowledge and experience."

— Andrea


example projects.

Collage and community

Liverpool Collage Club due to start in 2021 has been postponed but will commence when government guidelines allow.

There is nothing quite like making collage together in the room, and one day we'll be able to again.

This bi-monthly space is a safe haven for cut and paste enthusiasts from my local community of Liverpool and anyone who wants to visit.

Art in prisons

Working in London & Sydney prisons saw me make art with some of the most creative people I have ever met.

These experiences equipped me well to deliver a prison in-cell art program in collaboration with Practice Plus Group Ltd.

I designed, and implemented the project with men at HMP Pentonville. The data saw reductions in anxiety and increased wellbeing for many participants.

Creative Conversations

Art Therapists globally are working with some of the most vulnerable in our communities.


With the far-reaching impact of covid-19, therapists need more ways to connect and reflect together to continue providing the services we do. 

Jenn Seniuk and I are starting a podcast to begin talking this through. It'll be funny, real, supportive and not to be missed.



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